Upon receipt of the initial questionnaire, we will send via email an overview.

We provide potential clients a free consultation up to 30 minutes to determine if their needs are achievable. We determine at that point if client's needs can be achieved through our consulting firm. If yes, we get from them the information that we need and establish an appropriate budget. Case-by-Case, we allow progress payments options to make the process affordable for even the largest or smallest clients. We then do in-depth research. If it is a facility-based program, we tour your facility via internet using various teleconference programs. We will ask you hundreds of questions about your business to understand it almost as well as you do.


As the internet has developed, we came to realize that face-to-face meetings were not necessary in 99% of all instances, and so we use technology to design and provide extremely high-end business consulting to companies throughout the world, without the need of in-person meetings. We use Skype, Zoom Meeting, WhatsApp, Facebook, Google Chat and other forms of no-charge video conferencing. However, there are cases when our clients either prefer face-to-face meetings or implementations are being done and our team is willing to accommodate. 


When all of our research is completed, we will provide you with an oral report followed by a written detailed report, which becomes your road map that you can follow to achieve your corporate goals that you are seeking. We even allow, after the project is completed, another hour of follow-up consulting to be sure that you implement the ideas effectively and have a ready source to turn to if you experience challenges or have questions.

For some clients, it is feasible for us to be an implementation source, not just a consulting resource. We will actually do what needs to be done e.g. leaders and team training, coaching and consulting, writing business plans, securing funding, professional branding and rebranding, new business setups, creating systems, standard-operating-procedures, modules, manuals, convert ideas to conception and execution (from start to finish), ghost writing etc.

Before committing to work together, we will do enough analysis to be able to give you an exact fee quotation.